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Atomic Backland 78 Pack + Atomic Tour bindings + Atomic Hybrid skins

**Envío gratuito a partir de 90€ de compra.

The Atomic Backland 78 is a multipurpose mountain ski ideal for those who want a ski for everything.

It is the lightest in the Backland range. At only 1250g per ski, it is light enough for any activity and ascent, but its design and construction also make it manageable, reliable and robust on the descent.

It has a design All Mountain Rocker with a 15% Rocker dedicated to the tip lifting when we apply pressure and a 85% Camber to maintain maximum contact of the ski with the snow and a more effective work of the songs on hard or frozen snow.

Their dimensions vary with each length, but with a common denominator of a rather narrow skate for the current measurements of skis. With only 78 mm of skate , it allows a very agile ski, with fluid turns when we have control of the descent, but with the possibility of tight turns if we are not sure.

By having a 78 mm skid, the edging is easy and comfortable on the descent, but above all on the ascent of hard or frozen snow ... With adequate skins and the necessary technique-skill, it is rare to have to use the blades, but this already depends on each user.

Lightweight core construction with sandwich structure with Step Down Sidewall that helps absorb impacts and makes the ski more robust and durable.

Sintered 7000-Series outsole that is fast on any snow, can handle any situation and is easy to maintain.

Edges: Made of steel five times more resistant to wear and tear than standard steel, for a perfect edge and grip.

Top sheet: Very light, but strong

Core: Ultra Light Woodcore - laminated core of poplar and caruba wood other synthetic materials, which strategically placed give this ski excellent performance.

The Atomic Backland Tour binding is a really lightweight and convenient technical binding for alpine touring. Like all Backland gear, it's incredibly durable and easy to use - featuring a patented toe-in aid in the front so your boot automatically locks in to click. In addition, they have two ascent aids that work separately from the heel counter. With a simple click You can choose between 0 °, 7 ° and 13 ° positions. Backland Tour performance is exceptional, with a wide 40mm mount for maximum power transmission on wide skis (this also reduces the risk of bolts coming off). With brakes, it weighs just 398g per pair, is compatible with standard crampons, and has a long 30mm sole length adjustment. Get ready for the journey!

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