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Salomon S Force 9 + M11 GW skis

**Envío gratuito a partir de 70€ de compra.

The Salomon ES / Force 9 + Z12 GW F80 skis are the ideal equipment for intermediate and advanced skiers who seek to develop more power and have better stability to carve and slide on different types of snow when practicing piste skiing .

The Edge Amplifier plate allows for edging with greater power thanks to efficient power transmission and better grip. For its part, the Crossover spatula combines TPU inserts with C / FX to offer maximum damping and reduction of vibrations and impacts. .

These all-mountain skis feature a wood core and Pulse Pads rubbers ​​that provide good stability and soft contact with the snow. The titanal layer reinforces the power transmission. These Salomon skis come with tip and tail guard and come with bindings. Its length varies between 153, 163, 170 and 177 cm.

Fixation: Z12 GW

Edge grip: the construction of the plate Edge Amplifier ski transmits 100% of its energy to the edge, for unrivaled edge grip performance.

Terrain Absorption - Crossover tip improves stability on off-road and on snow conditions by absorbing vibrations and shocks at a high level while providing constant contact between ski and snow.

Speed ​​stability - Woodcore construction reduces vibration by providing optimal stability and powerful rebound even at high speeds.

A new tip construction now has lateral TPU inserts that replace titanium to act as bumpers and absorb better shock, while a layer of carbon C / FX improves damping properties.

The new tip absorbs all terrain variations and improves the ski's ability to cut through snow.

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