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Ski boots Salomon S Pro 100 High Volume GW

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Enjoy all the comfort and performance of an S / PRO boot, redesigned with a 102mm anatomical last for greater inclusivity and a better fit to wider shapes. The wider shell construction offers more room, so you can stay comfortable as you plow through slopes all day. It is pre-assembled GripWalk for a better grip and comfort when walking.


Instant inclusive fit

The double SensiFit ™ insert allows for easy entry, while the 102mm anatomical last and preformed seamless liner provide greater comfort and a better fit for wider feet.

Fully customizable

Custom Shell HD and Coreframe 360 ​​° construction allow you to customize the upper, upper and liner to create a boot that adapts perfectly to your foot.


The combination of high-performance Coreframe 360 ​​° technologies, Sense Amplifier and Salomon's Sense strap provide intense progressivity and reaction so that you feel precision in every turn.


Coreframe 360 ​​°

Coreframe 360 ​​° provides lightness, improves sensations and allows full customization. The shell and shank inserts ensure that the boot retains its geometry and rigidity after the Custom Shell HD process.

Carcass and stem with Custom Shell HD

The Custom Shell HD process on the shell and shank allows you to quickly and completely customize your boots in as little as 10 minutes. The thinner-walled construction and new shell materials allow the foot to stay closer to the shell and offer an improved feel, more power, and direct drivetrain.

Seamless ankle boot

This new, pre-shaped, anatomically designed bootie with no external or internal seams improves comfort and precision and ensures a warmer fit.

PU + Coreframe FV + Custom Shell HD + double SensiFit ™

Material of consistent density that guarantees a perfect wrap, progressivity and power transmission. With Custom Shell HD, customization is a reality in just 10 minutes, the thinner-walled construction and new materials keep the foot closer to the shell for greater feel and power, while the two PU inserts softer make putting on easier.

Sense Amplifier

Sense Amplifier makes you feel progressive and precise at the start of each turn, while at the same time providing an unprecedented reactive effect, fast edge-to-edge transmission and end-of-turn acceleration.

SensiFit ™ double insert

Soft PU SensiFit ™ inserts on both sides of the upper make donning the boot even easier and offer an anatomical instep wrap.

PU + Coreframe FV + Custom Shell HD + Sense Amplifier

This material guarantees a perfect wrap and power transmission. With Custom Shell HD, customization is a reality in 10 minutes, the thinner wall construction keeps the foot closer to the shell. Coreframe in the upper adds lightness, the insert in the shaft preserves the geometry and rigidity of the boot and Sense Amplifier offers greater reaction.

My CustomFit 3D Seamless Perf

This new, pre-shaped and anatomically designed Perf liner is designed without any external or internal seams, thus improving foot support and precision and ensuring a warmer fit.

35mm Sense strap

This 35mm strap holds your foot securely in place and optimizes power transmission

GripWalk pad pre-assembled according to ISO 9523

GripWalk pads come pre-assembled and their specific shape provides better grip and comfort when walking, whatever the conditions.

Flex adjustment

Adjusting the flex allows you to enhance or soften the flex, depending on snow conditions.

Riveted oversized pivot

The riveted oversized pivot ensures perfect power transmission between the shank and the shell.


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