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Ski boots Salomon Select 80 W

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Developed so that women can benefit from Salomon's extensive knowledge of boot construction, this boot combines reliable performance with minimal complications. The Autostretch liner is made of stretch foam with flexible edges that make it instantly adaptable to the morphology of your feet and calves. Put it on and enjoy a fit that instantly adapts to the shape of your feet.


Immediate comfort

The 100mm last wraps the foot securely, the SensiFit ™ insert makes it easy to put on and the elastic sides of the Autostretch bootie adapt perfectly to your calf.

Instant adaptation

The morphological shank has been designed to offer a more open position and automatically adapt to the shape of your calf, so you can enjoy greater comfort while skiing.

Uncompromising performance

Based on the geometry and bulk of one of Salomon's classic favorites, the S / PRO, this boot doesn't put your performance at risk.


My InstantFit Sport

This new anatomically designed athletic boot improves comfort and ensures a warmer fit at the same time. The elastic sides of the Autostretch construction guarantee the perfect adaptation to the calf.

Tooth adjustment without tools

Easy customization without tools of the volume of the lower leg area that is achieved by rotating and moving the lower buckle.

Polyolefin + SensiFit ™ insert

The softer and easier-to-handle material provides lightness and progressiveness, while the softer PU insert on the outer shell flap makes putting on easier.

SensiFit ™ Insert

The soft SensiFit ™ PU insert on the outside of the upper makes putting the boot on very easy and offers an anatomical wrap of the instep.

Adjustable stem spoiler

This plastic piece located at the rear of the shank can be easily adjusted with an Allen / Hex wrench for better adaptation to the specific shank perimeter of the leg.

Polyolefin + calf adjustment

More durable material that also provides lightness and stability. The adjustable spoiler offers a wider calf girth capacity that adapts to all types of legs quickly and easily.

35mm Sense strap

This 35mm strap holds your foot securely in place and optimizes power transmission.

Pre-assembled Alpines (ISO 5355) - GripWalk (ISO 9523)

The alpine pads come pre-assembled and are compatible with alpine bindings conforming to ISO 9462.

Fit to the calf for women

The women's calf adjustment offers more adjustment options (perimeter +11 mm and height +4 mm) to adapt to different types of women's calves.

Ankle boot for women

This women's ankle boot with anatomical tongue made with highly moldable foams provides greater comfort on the shin, instep and sensitive areas of the foot.

Riveted oversized pivot

The riveted oversized pivot ensures perfect power transmission between the shank and the shell.

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